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About Palace Gates Resident's Association

Welcome to the official Palace Gates Residents' Association website page.

Welcome to the official Palace Gates Residents' Association website page. 

The association was set up by members of the local community to serve the local community. We aim to bring you the latest news concerning your area and let you have your say about local issues here on Facebook. We encourage and welcome your debate about matters concerning the area. 

The association is not a political or religious organisation. Members of the committee and association come from many walks of life and have many varying professional and personal interests. 

The association covers the following roads:

Albert Road
Durnsford Road
Crescent Rise
Crescent Road
Dagmar Road
Bedford Road
Palace Gates Road
Alexandra Park Road
Alexandra Avenue
Victoria Road
Clifton Road
Harcourt Road
Clyde Road
Outram Road
Princess Avenue
Albert Close
Sakura Drive 

Key members of the association are as follows:

Jimmy Athanassiou - Chairperson 
Tony Hopkins - Secretary
Kevin Stanfield - Deputy Chair
Walter Macharg - Treasurer
Effie Pedaliu - Membership Secretary 
Indijana Harper - Gardening Group coordinator 
David Rennie - Sustainable Transport advisor
Robin Hosking - Social media/networking coordinator/e-petition secretary 

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About Palace Gates Residents Association

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